Hey what up guys! We got our first introduction episode to kick things off!

Many men are shocked by how beautiful the Korean women are, but even more so by how difficult it can be to talk to them. I remember this feeling of anxiety and frustration all too well…

Korean women are one of the most sought after women in the world, and also one of the most difficult to engage with…

Today I’m going to clear up the confusion and to get you on the right track to having more success with asian women.

We’re going to go over some of the fundamental principles and differences that you really can’t overlook. This is really really great overview of how to go about dating asian women and the main differences. You’ll probably see why what you’ve done in the past never worked, or what you’re doing wrong overall.

We’ll be going even deeper about success with Korean women in future episodes, but for now,
here is some amazing content to get you started…

In today’s episode you will learn the following:

1. Korean Women Show Attraction Differently

– If you are waiting around for clear indicators of attraction you might be waiting quite a while!
– Learn how attraction is displayed so you don’t wait for something that may never come!

2. Comfort Over Attraction Game

– How Asian women and Korean women in specific need to feel comfortable over all else. Without this key piece you may have many dates and interactions that don’t move past a coffee.

3. Build Attraction Subtly not Overtly

– Learn how many things you learned to build attraction and to sexualize the interaction with Korean women is just a shot in your own foot. Learn what to do and what NOT to do to see an uptake in results.

4. Compliance vs Investment

– How one simple tip will gauge where the interaction is, and how if you’re relying on other barometers are modes of measurement you’re taking a shot in the dark!

5. Vulnerability vs Indifference

– How a strong frame is important but how one little element can take you from one date, to seeing Korean women come out consistently and feel drawn towards you!

Next Steps

If you want to get good as fast as possible you will want a group of like minded men who are on a mission to thrive in their relationships and success with Korean women as well. You can join our facebook community by clicking here.