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If you are interested in Korean girls and want a complete guide on how to meet and date them, then this book is for you! I used to be completely lost when interacting with women and had no idea how to approach them or what to do even in the odd chance they were interested. I knew I had a problem and decided I would do anything it took to achieve my dating goals. After moving to Korea in 2010, I spent the past 10 years learning the Korean language, culture, and optimizing my social skills and dating strategies in order to achieve success with the Korean girls I once considered out of my league. A lot of the traditional dating and pick up advice did not apply to Korea due to cultural differences so a close friend and I made it a mission to crack the Korean code. After a year we formulated an approach that would often differ from traditional advice but would lead to more success than we could have ever imagined.  I don’t want you to waste as much time chasing your tail or a trail of smoke and mirrors as I did, so I am presenting to you a comprehensive guide that will help guide you and serve as a road map to achieve success quicker than me or anyone else previously. Do you want to date attractive Korean women and not waste your time shooting in the dark? Then this book is for you! In this book you will discover…

  • What fundamental difference Korean culture has with the West and how that applies to dating
  • The best places to meet Korean girls and detailed strategies on how to approach them
  • The 3 ways Korean girls respond to being approached and how to calibrate to them.
  • A complete overview of the types of Korean girls you will come across
  • How to meet Korean girls in bars, clubs, and the best way to approach groups
  • The 4-step funnel to texting Korean girls that leads to dates with detailed play-by-play examples
  • How to run a date with a Korean girl from start to finish in order to move things in a romantic direction
  • Key mindsets and frames than are proven to improve your dating life and confidence
  • Interviews and stories that will shed light on how to overcome limiting beliefs
  • Korean phrases to use during your approaches, texting, and dates.
  • Missions and challenges to improve your skill set
  • The three tools you will need in Korea for dating
  • How to manage relationships and the do’s and don’ts you must know

and much much more…

As a free bonus for early-bird purchase you will get a Free 45 Minute Skype Coaching Call to discuss your goals and how to apply the content in the book along with any other questions you may have for ONLY 59$!