pick up korea bootcamp


Recently I’ve been getting a lot of requests for 1 day private trainings and also requests to make a Pick up Korea bootcamp for those who want to learn how to adjust their game to Korean girls or who may not be living in Korea and thus aren’t available for the long term immersion program.  I’ve run some custom programs over the past year but since demand has been high, I decided to offer the Pick Up Korea bootcamp to those who are in Seoul or Korea in general. I also decided to offer a special deal for the remainder of the year and thus am posting here! Anyone who takes the Pick up Korea bootcamp in the next year can then later take the full 8 session 4-6 week immersion program for half off at anytime! The Pick up Korea bootcamp will consist of 3 days of night game, day game, and lectures on game and Korean specific tweaks. The pick up Korea bootcamps will also be 1:1 so you will get special attention to address your own specific blind spots, sticking points, and not just the typical cookie-cutter advice of many other bootcamps out there. You will also be added into a private chat for those who have taken trainings and so won’t be left out on a limb!  The general structure of the pick up Korea bootcamp will be as follows.


Day 1 Inner game and opening

Lecture 2-3 hours

Daygame 5 hours +debrief

Day 2 Night Game

Lecture 2-3 hours

Night game Session 5 hours

Day 3 Closing 

Lecture 2-3 hours

Day game/Night game 5 hours

Wrap up and Final Debrief


For those interested in the Pick up Korea Bootcamp and want more details or a free consult, contact us here or join the Facebook Group