online coaching
Change Your Mindset Concept

I have been doing online coaching over the past year due to the Covid19 Pandemic. It has been a great chance for those who are not able to physically attend a coaching program in Korea to improve their game. We go over the same modules that I teach on the Immersion Program – everything from Inner Game, Opening, Subcommunications, Connection, Attraction/Vibing, Texting, Dates, and more! The online coaching is via skype or zoom and I personally review every interaction, date, and instadate via MP3 audio file that the client sends me while breaking them down on what was done well, and practical advice with weekly challenges on how to improve. If You are interested in I am offering 50% off this month on Online Coaching – Either the full program of 8 calls over 8 weeks with daily feedback, or one-session coaching calls! If you want to overcome your sticking points and work with an expert to achieve your dating goals, contact me here.

This podcast is made up of a small section of a recent Online Coaching Call with a client. Most of the call consisted of inner game work, along with a review of his interactions from the past week. Enjoy!