Hey what up guys! Many of us who start out on this path to success in dating come in with a lot of underlying insecurities about ourselves, confidence issues, and low self-esteem. In addition, some of these poor mental frames are formed due to past experiences, social conditioning, or misleading theories about the world. Today we will crack into some key inner-game concepts that will help you to overcome some of these suboptimal mindsets and help see yourself and relationships with others in way that is full of possibilities. When we chose the way in which we see ourselves and the world, our experience and behaviors change in a way that are in line with what we want out of life. Changing this mindsets and applying them to dating beautiful Korean girls will be the focus of this show. Korean girls often dress the part and act the part so we want to make sure you have your head on so that you are on an equal playing field when you start the interaction.


Key Points


1. The Perceived “Value-Gap” Is Ruining Your Interactions

– When you place value judgements on people before knowing them your behaviors will follow suit.
– How to change the dynamic in your mind and behavior from “on a pedestal” to “equals”

2. Checking for Opportunities with Low Expectations

– How checking for opportunities and seeing where things may lead while having low expectations is the best way to build up confidence and inevitably leads to good interactions.

3. Self Respect and I’m Enough Mindset

– Buying clothes that fit, paying attention to local fashion for your own self-respect and pride in presentation. Cleaning up diet and exercise helps to reinforce I’m enough and I have self-respect mindsets.

4. Your Unique Traits and Presence

– You’re unique cultural background, life experience, personality traits and physical composition is presenting girls a unique flavor compared to the same local vanilla flavor she meets daily. Giving her the experience outside of her reality

5. How to Ensure You Build and Sustain Confidence

– How realizing your own value while having a plan and acting on it will create a baseline of confidence and keep you accountable to providing yourself and others with a great future. Good intentions ensures a win-win relationship for you and the Korean girl you are attracted to.

Next Steps


If you want to get good as fast as possible you will want a group of like minded men who are on a mission to thrive in their relationships as well. You can join our facebook group if your interested in improving your game with asian women here.