Hi there folks! The weather is finally optimal, skirts are out, girls are wanting to meet new guys in droves and can be seen walking around – killing time hoping a guy comes up to them for a chance at connection.

I have noticed that there are still many guys who are sitting at home…making excuses…crying about Covid19 and living in the past. Some say “but they have masks on”…..other say “but things close early.” Those who truly want something – with a strong desire to improve themselves and create connections with beautiful women find SOLUTIONS not lame EXCUSES. There are guys out there killing it with attractive women, not at home hesitating…and mastur….well you get the point 😉

In order to set guys on the right track, answer all the common questions they have while approaching, texting, dating…I created a FAQ CHEAT SHEET. This sheet holds so many pearls that were hard earned over the course of years of experience, reflection, and refinement but you can pick it up NOW and apply it NOW!

I’d like to share a recent story from a guy who picked up the FAQ CHEAT SHEET…

He is very short, completely bald at the prime age of 28….and has not been approaching for months. He was sitting at home, using the weather, Covid19, and his height as excuses not to take action and sit at home glued to porn hub and KPOP videos instead. But he started to feel frustrated and tired of his predicament. He decided to pickup the new FAQ CHEAT SHEET and and get back to approaching last week…

His first day out after reviewing the lessons, he went to a bar in a city around 20-30 minutes outside of Seoul with a few friends. He did one approach but the guys with him starting trying to talk to her as well and even one of them attempted to cockblock him and try to bounce her out of the bar….

He was able to not only handle other guys cockblocking, but he managed to move her around, leave the venue with her, and get her all the way to Seoul from that city and close at his place 🙂

Yeah, but that was just luck you may say….she was just DTF you may say….

Well several other guys went to the bar, hit on her, and tried to pull her out but who succeeded?

Just luck you say? He took action and implemented important tips at each stage, he made luck happen…didn’t sit around expecting it. AND yes…she wants to stick around and meet up again…

If you want to take action, get results, and apply immediately applicable tips that improve your dating life, Check out the FAQ CHEAT SHEET below! If you purchase it within the next week you will get free access to the next edition (which will be higher in price) and can ask a question that may appear in the next edition! STOP EXCUSES – SEEK SOLUTIONS – ACT NOW!