You may be an older gentlemen looking to set your feet in Korea for a quick trip or perhaps job and plan to stay long term. If you search the web, Korea is often described as an Ageist society, with people asking others early into a first meet-up, “How old are you?” While there are certainly Confucian elements of hierarchy and emphasis on age in relation to social standing, age doesn’t have to get in your way and with the right focus on gaming and lifestyle, you can date girls much younger and attractive than your limiting worldviews or social conditioning may have had you believing.

I sat down with Hyung-nim, a Canadian buddy in his mid 50’s who sheds light on approaching and dating young attractive Korean women in your 50’s. Topics covered include….

How to maximize your sexual market value

How to respond when a Korean girl asks your age

Health, eating, exercising, and skin care tips

How to run a first date in Korea

Inspiring girls to stick around

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