Do looks matter in Korea?

looks matter

A lot of foreigners come to Korea and notice how well dressed the people are and how important “looking good” is in this culture. When Koreans apply for jobs, they have to attach their photo and a lot of companies hire based on the looks of the applicant. In addition there is 취업성형 (plastic surgery for job-seekers) specifically for female applicants who want to increase their chances of getting the job they want. If people are running simple errands they will often dress up, put on make-up and show their best side. This often comes as a shock to people from western countries who go out in public for daily tasks in casual clothes, no make-up, or thought into what they wear. Korean celebrities are also the beauty standard in Asia. You can see famous K-pop idols, actresses, boy groups, and entertainers all over billboards and advertisements in any Asian country you visit. The fact that Koreans invest so much into their appearance has some foreigners believe that looks are all that matter in Korea and that only handsome guys can date attractive Korean women. This is completely false but one element of it is true.

Looks do help!
If you are a good looking guy by Korean standards Korean girls who are pretty attractive may even approach you in social venues, stare at you, or make it easy for you to go home with them. I’ve seen this time and time again with friends of mine. I’ve also seen good looking guys here get away with very sloppy game but the fact that they were pre-selected gave them a lot of gray area to make it work out. However there is a common problem they all talk about, the girls they want to get are often out of reach for them or not as receptive and “on” from the start. They often give odd advice that just won’t work for average or below average looking guys like “just escalate on her” or just “tell her to meet next week.” Then the girl tenses up and eventually leaves or flakes the date. It’s like a super tall guy telling a short guy just drop the ball into the hoop. The dynamics at play are completely different since there is a lot more room for error or in this analogy, the short guy needs to perfect his form, technique, and shot since he can’t just drop the ball in the hoop from above.

Game is the equalizer
Looks matter but here is where game comes in. Game allows you to meet girls who are objectively more attractive than you or who are your type, and puts the freedom of choice in your hands to meet girls anyplace, anytime anywhere. Most guys settle for girls in their social circle or who just happen to be into them. Crying about your looks does no good for anyone and using    “ looks matter” as an excuse is creating a victim mentality instead of improving and becoming the master of your dating life. I am not good looking by Korean standards but constantly date attractive Korean women far above my sexual market value as do my clients, friends and wings.
Getting better at game is a solution and often guys who are not as good looking have more of a fire in them to get better if they don’t let excuses stop them from growing.

Improve what is in your control
It is important to note that there are things within in your control that you can do to improve your presentation and have a bit more pride in product.
Since looks matter and presentation can strongly effect first impression, taking care of your hygiene (brushing your teeth, putting on cologne or deodorant, showering), wearing new clean and fitting clothes while ideally expressing your style or up to the current/local trends. Also eating healthy food, hitting the gym, doing sports that keep you in good physical shape are part of living a balanced healthy life and will not only give off a better first impression, but will make you happier long term while living with more self-respect. You will come to find when you dress the part, you look the part, and become the part. When it comes to success in dating taking an immersion program or bootcamp can help significantly improve your game. In the same manner, taking a fashion consultation or getting a personal trainer can help you improve light years with your style and physique.

What styles are popular in Korea?
In Korea, business casual and dandy are the most prevalent look for guys to rock out. Looking 갈끔하다 (clean cut) is ideal. Shirts with collars, nice chinos or slacks, denim, and a man bag or backpack is pretty standard. Going to a major SPA brand like Zara, Uniqlo, or local Korean versions like 8 seconds and seeing what the mannequin is wearing for an idea on the current trends and what clothing items to coordinate together is a good basic tip to follow. For a look at what to expect check out the blog link below.

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