Today I sat down with the man the myth the Legend known as “Mr. A.” Anyone who has read the Pickup Korea E-book will recognize the name, he’s the mad scientist who refused to give up and always held himself accountable for everything in his dating life as well as other aspects of life in general. He has worked as a fashion consultant in both Korea and China and has an extremely detailed grasp on local trends and how to personalize your style to not only look great, but also not just dress chodey like everyone else in the same generic uniqlo-outfit. There have been a lot of requests for more information about fashion in Korea and clearly he’s the perfect man to answer the call. A lot of foreigners who arrive in Korea don’t understand even the basics of fashion let alone Korean fashion. Simple things such as fit, design, color coordination, what’s trendy (유행) and out of style (촌스러운), and so on. While initially the podcast started off talking about fashion in korea, we quickly transition into mindsets and outlooks that are holding you back in both dating and fashion. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe, like, and comment 🙂