How to Meet and Date Korean Girls Who Don’t Speak English


How to Meet and Date Korean Girls Who Don't Speak English

One common question I get is, “How do I meet and date Korean girls who don’t speak English?”  Obviously if you live in the country or plan on meeting Korean girls, learning Korean or at least some basics that include important dating expressions will go a long way in helping you achieve success with Korean girls who don’t speak English.  In the soon to be released How to Meet and Date Korean Girls Book (Join the Facebook group for updates), I will include a cheat sheet of common phrases used at important points in the interaction to help you along the way. However I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t speak Korean now so what should I do before I learn Korean!?”  Fear not, there are plenty of guys who have not learned Korean, but still had success dating Korean girls.

Here’s a list of tips to help you right now before you are 한글 proficient.


  1. Speak Very Slowly and Clearly –  All Koreans study English from elementary school through university and even beyond.  A huge percentage of Koreans go abroad for English programs, exchange programs, and working holidays. The majority of girls will at least understand comprehend very basic English expressions, phrases, and conversation if you speak slowly and clearly while using very simple vocabulary.  Imagine talking to a 4-5 old child, what type of vocabulary and speed would you use? You can also use statements of empathy – “I know English is difficult, I’ll speak slowly for you.”  Showing you understand her and how she feels she communicating in English.  Many girls will also say they don’t speak English off the open or early into the interaction because they are afraid of looking dumb or making a mistake which in Korea is known as 영어울렁증 (English Fear).  It is best to speak slowly and assume they understand than to ask “Do you speak English?” or to give up because they say they don’t.
  2. Learn Some Key Phrases – As mentioned in the introduction, a handful of key phrases can go a long way in assisting the interactions forward movement.  Even knowing a few key phrases like Introducing yourself, where you’re from, what you’re doing, and what you want to do can be extremely useful. If you show that you are making an effort to learn Korean, most will appreciate it and encourage you. You can also create an us bubble by understanding each other and helping each other despite the lack of language fluency. The Implicit communication is that you are both beginners doing your best to communicate and learn/speak each others language, with the explicit communication being that you’re a man understanding her situation, wanting to get to know her, and bringing her into your story in a flirty way (not merely language partners).
  3. Use Google/Naver translate apps –  If you bounce her for drinks or something else, while sitting together you may want to vibe and connect on various levels she may not linguistically grasp. Make it simple by having Naver and Google apps on your phone to translate basic questions and answers to assist the process rather than trying to ask the same question over and over.  Often apps can give  poor translations and if she doesn’t understand after a few tries best just to change topics.
  4. Use Sub communications – Most of communication is non-verbal. Meeting girls who don’t speak your language will force you to rely more on eye contact, vibe, implicit communication, voice tone/speed,  body language, and physical expression (body language). A lot of gamers use verbals as a crutch so it can force you to sharpen your fundamentals without relying on fancy verbal expressions.

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