It is the mission of this cheat sheet to help out guy’s who are on the path of improving their dating life but have questions along the way or are hung up on what to do in a given situation while texting, dating, and approaching attractive Korean women.  Korean behavior and cultural nuances can be tough to decode for the neophyte, and even without the cultural hurdles the majority of men make simple mistakes or just plain don’t know what to do at many junctures of the dating game.  

After coaching in Korea for 5 years and gaming for over 10, I have compiled a list of the most common questions I answer on a daily/weekly/monthly basis from clients and friends. Many of these questions may be things you have thought about, others may be enlightening and new concepts, and some may not be applicable now but will be very useful later on as you progress.  I have divided the sections into approaching, texting, dating, relationships, and mindset so that you can conveniently flip to the appropriate section, find your answer and apply it immediately in-field! Take massive action, apply the advice, and enjoy the results!

For a brief sneak peak into the book, what questions it includes, and how to use it check out the YouTube video here!