In this podcast I gloss over some recent stories from the Seoul streets. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the Seoul streets are flooded with people out and about looking for a good time! Street game has always been the best way to meet girls in Korea since the Seoul streets have the highest volume of girls and all types of girls rather than a small niche. Now that most major clubs and lounges are closed, there is never going to be a better time to get out there and meet girls who catch you eye and you connect with. While it can be difficult initially to overcome approach anxiety and other hurdles holding you back from getting out there, you’ll find the rewards in your character development as well as dating life are incredibly satisfying. During the past weeks I had some adventures in the seoul streets with ex-hostesses, office ladies, 173cm students, personal fitness trainers, and much more! I don’t go into all the details and lessons as that would take hours, but if you want to learn more and maximize your dating results in Korea – message me for a free consult, bootcamp/immersion, or get the e-book here!