Approaching and Meeting Korean Girls at Cafe’s

Cafe’s have always been great places or approaching and meeting Korean girls due to the fact that girls go there to hang out, relax, study, and often have time to kill. With Covid-19 closing down a lot of the nightlife, cafe’s are ideal places to hang out and meet attractive girls who are often alone and bored. I have been asked many times on how to approach girls in cafe’s, so here is an in-depth guide with a few strategies that you can apply immediately.

Approaching and Meeting Korean Girls at Cafe’s – Strategy 1

Preying Mantis Game” involves either sitting at the door or sitting in the outdoor seats of a cafe and setting up camp.  It is highly recommended to do this style of game in a high volume area or an area that has a lot of the type of girls that you like.  You will see plenty of girls walking by on the street as well as girls coming in and out of the cafe.  You can bring a book or set up your laptop so you have time to do other things while hitting up the girls you’re into who pass. Or you can simply relax and approach as you see your type pass. This style of game can also be fun with a friend because you can hang and chat and take turns approaching, then come back and shoot the shit so that you’re constantly in a social state.  It also doesn’t require as much walking as pure street game does, so it can be a lot more laid back and energy efficient.  If you are bouncing for an instadate, you can also bounce her back to the cafe you were originally at or to another venue and play to win. In addition girls that you approach who are leaving the cafe don’t experience any social pressure as they may if you directly approach them in the middle of the cafe. A potential con of this type of game is that you are limited to the girls in that specific corner so chose the area wisely!

Approaching and Meeting Korean Girls at Cafe’s – Strategy 2

Going Direct – This strategy is more polarizing in that it will inherently put a bit more pressure on the girl.  You will walk directly up to the girls seat and open her. It is ideal to come in as if you know her and set down as quickly at her table as possible. This will help to make the approach seem as natural as possible and not put the girl as much on the spot with others in the cafe staring and judging her as much as if you go super gamey and obvious.  The benefit of this approach is you chose one girl and go for what you want in the cafe by making a bold move within it. You put your balls on the line and it either it she’s receptive to the opportunity or not. You also don’t waste time by waiting around for a girl to approach. However this approach generally burns out the cafe in the sense that it’s not ideal to jump table to table in the same cafe approaching girls as that not only draws staff and customers attention, but also the girls you approached earlier. You end up becoming “that guy” who’s here to hit on chicks rather than someone who approached her and “it just happened.”  If you do a set like this and want to continue approaching its best to defer to the Preying mantis approach as to approach girls leaving or outside the cafe. This is like being in incognito mode because those within the cafe will not take notice.  

Approaching and Meeting Korean Girls at Cafe’s – Strategy 3

 Indirect or Incidental – This approach is very low pressure and can be done virtually anywhere.  You can make a comment on the situation or environment to a girl you are in line with, or who’s sitting next to you. This makes it seem incidental and also doesn’t burn out the cafe like the above approach.  Another cafe approach that I like to utilize is a “watch my bag.” approach. In Korea the cafes are often packed so people often set their bags down to get a seat, then go order a coffee.  If there is a seat next to a hottie, I like to set my bag down and ask her if she can watch it really quick. This allows me to get my coffee and come back and thank her. After that I generally make an observational comment and proceed to explore her story and cold read as well as share my story of the day, and about myself while vibing. If she is not so receptive or actively attempt to turn away and end the conversation, I’m fine with that and it allows me more time to focus on the praying mantis approach style or a direct approach later.  

While gaming in shops, stores, or other daytime venues, you can use the above approaches to help get the ball rolling. The difference is obviously that the girl is often stationary and browsing something to buy or lingering around. You can use an indirect, direct, or situational approach as laid out in the above examples.

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