korean girls dating foreign men

This is a common question that many newcomers to Korea ask or many outside of Korea ponder. Recently I’ve seen a lot of misguided posts and information about this topic with everything from “If you are white every Korean girl will be DTF” or “If you are a foreigner all you need to do is be alpha with Korean girls.” I’ve also seen posts that claim Koreans are racist and all hate foreigners as well so let’s crack into the reality which isn’t anywhere as extreme as the posts you may have seen floating around on random blogs or Facebook groups.

After 10 years of experience in Korea dating Korean women and experience Dating them in America/Europe/Asia, I’d break Korean girls into 3 types. Type one are Koreans who may never date a foreigner due to her personal preference of Korean men (Just as the reader may have a preference for Asian/Korean women). They share a similar culture, language, and she may be more naturally attracted to their look. She may at one point date a foreigner but that foreigner may Speak fluent Korean or may be another Asian male not of Korean decent.

Type two are Koreans who are basically open to any race or the ethnicity depending on how attracted she is to him. She may be open to a new experience with someone from another culture and may or may not speak English. It is important to understand here that Korea is a 1st world country, the 11th biggest economy in the world (bigger than many European countries), and extremely technologically advanced with the biggest electronics company in the world. Korea is not some broken down third world nation where people make 2 dollars a day and being from a developed country is high value. If you are looking to play passport game avoid Korea and aim for the Philippines or another South East Asian country. Where you can rely on being white and from a rich country in those nations, in Korea you need to actually develop your character and have some game. One thing you can do is bring them into your unique world and share a variety of experiences with them that may be new and exciting from their perspective.

Type three are known as “Foreign hunters” and often exclusively date foreigners. They tend to be on apps like Meeff, Tinder, and venues like Thursday party or GSM Language parties. These are often the types of girls newbee foreigners to Korea date because they are the most accessible but generally aren’t the most attractive by Korean standards. Often those who claim Korean girls love foreigners are actually talking about this small niche of girls. If you are good looking by Korean standards you may find these girls to be readily available, yet struggle with the majority of attractive girls who aren’t in this niche.

As you can see a large portion of Korean girls are open to dating foreign men. However, just being foreign doesn’t cut it if you want attractive women or don’t have a male model look. You have to transform yourself into someone they feel comfortable around and can share experience with instead of expecting to play passport game or expect any favors for merely being a foreign male.