Types of Korean Girls Part 3

In this episode of the Korean girls series, we’ll cover the remaining archetypes you are sure to come across in Korea if you are combing the land thoroughly! This last type of Korean girl is composed of 3 sub types with distinct characteristics that are useful to understand for a successful approach!

The Plastic Princess – This one is pretty self explanatory! These girls typically had some work done and get by on their looks in life. They are generally the most sought after by Korean men as they often pay money to drink with them with their coworkers after work (and sometimes get their wiener wet for an extra fee).  The highest concentration of these types in the Gangnam District around Gangnam station, Sinsa Garosu-Gil, Nonhyun-Dong, and Upper Yeoksam. They will have a much stronger shield in general so approaching in a confident non-needy manner is even more crucial with these types. While they may blow you out hard, they reward of stronger testicular fortitude and scoring with a stunner are well worth the ego dissolution (which you will need to meet them anyways).    


  1. The Jooksuni ( 죽수니) 

korean girls party

 Jooksuni Korean girls can be translated to club girl or party girl. They spend all of their free time going to the club or bar, drinking with friends and hooking up with guys.  They are often good looking and get by in life on their looks. They are generally less educated and are more concerned with looking good and may work in the beauty industry. Having a yolo attitude and being the life of the party can get you further with this type. Bouncing this girl around for more party more adventure more drinks and ending the night at your place is the best course of action. While many girls in Korea will follow up in text and have a chance of setting up a date if the interaction was good and the date invite was within a few days with logistics matching up; This type is extremely flakey because they are either going to a party they’re invited to or sleeping all day. These girls will often wear sexier clothing, darker make-up, and have tattoos. A good percentage of them don’t speak English well but some can speak enough to get by.  Trying to connect logically or being too serious around these types is a sure fire way to here “bye have fun or I need to go the bathroom.” If you are a party boy these types might be your bread and butter but even if not, approaching them will teach you the importance of vibing and bouncing by generating compliance. For relationships these types can be flakey and not so loyal but they can make fun seasonal bang buddies.

2. The Kimchi girl (김치녀) 

korean girl kimchi girl

Some people say Korean girls are overly materialistic, superficial, and moody…..well this is that type that most guys complain about. She is usually hot while sexily dressed in nice designer clothes or at the least looks very sharp in appearance. She is very materialistic and must have the latest newest phone, handbag, or fashion item. She will often obsess over luxury foreign brands and think of Korean brands as low end. She is what in Western vernacular we would deem a “gold digger.” She expects the guy to buy everything on the date, may demand an expensive meal or gifts while in a relationship, and will refuse to visit average or low end establishments on a date.  On her own dime she may buy cheap food but expensive coffee from company like Starbucks. As looks are very important to her, this type has often had a lot of plastic surgery done or at least a bit. These types often have several orbiter chodes or 오빠 around to buy them meals, take them places, get them gifts, and often doesn’t even put out to most of them. By showing that you don’t chase, don’t qualify yourself with your money or social status, display a strong frame and can give her an experience with a confident guy who doesn’t fall into her games , you can sometimes earn her respect and be the one guy to have sex with her without falling into the Provider chode frame. Most of these types make bad relationship material because of their frame about the world but can make good hookup or short term dating material as long as you hold your frame and don’t allow her to game you.

3. The Unni (언니)  

gangnam girl

The Unni Korean girls are known in Korean by many names such as Hostess(살롱걸), or Working girl (직업여자) but among each other they often refer to each other as “Unni” or sister.  This Korean girl generally works at a sex massage shop, an officetel, or a hostess bar/karaoke where you drink together and sex is often optional, and many other similar establishments . They generally work until the late night in places like Yeoksam, Samsung, Nonhyun, and a variety of other areas in Seoul. They can be seen rushing to work around 6-8pm and beforehand you can catch some at cafes, shops, or even at the gym to keep up their top notch physique and to maintain the stamina for the long night ahead. They have often had a variety of plastic surgery done, but the top tier of this group has it done so subtly that they look like natural beauties if not famous models/actresses. This type of girl is by far the hardest to crack as 99% of them don’t speak English and they have a cold shield up while out and about. They will blow you out with yelling things like NO NO NO NO! Put their heads down and walk faster, or look at you with a disgusted look on their face. Having a very strong frame, being persistent, and showing an understanding of their world without judgement goes a long way. If you are new to Korea or even an intermediate at game I don’t recommend making this type of Korean girl your staple but building balls is important so don’t rule this type out as you can desensitize yourself, become comfortable talking to these types in a way that shows your strong self-confidence and loose free expression. This niche is also known as Tenpuro/ilpuro텐프로 (top ten percent/top 1 percent) as they are generally the best looking women by Korea standards. If you smoke, you’ll often catch them in smoke rooms at cafe’s, this is a good place to engage them. During the day they often wear masks or hats and a dress or some kind of sports training outfit. In the evening they’ll be dolled up in heels rushing to work in the areas mentioned above. Its best not to ask them what they do for work or to show any judgement at all about their line of work if it comes up.

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