Now that the weather is warming up, I notice that the seasonal gamer is back. I’ve notice a handful of versions of the seasonal gamer and maybe you will identify as one when reading the descriptions below. Seasonal Gamer A – the guy who comes out every spring, get’s excited, maybe get’s a girlfriend and then retires in hibernation until the next season. There’s nothing wrong with this type as long as he doesn’t settle for whatever girl sticks around because he’s lazy and complacent….which unfortunately if often the case. He makes excuses even though he knows he should be out more often finding girls he actually enjoys spending time with.

Then out of the woodwork Seasonal Gamer B pops his ugly head over. He talks how this year he’s going to kill it, crush it, and finally make shit happen. He dabbles for a few days or week doing minimal approaches….taking minimal action saying that he’s just warming up. Then by week 2 or 3 he starts talking a lot of action but has little to show for. He’s been doing the same thing year after year expecting a different result…..He thinks that if he just “goes hard” he’ll get success. Unfortunately it rarely pans out and he burns out….thus retiring until next season.

Now, Seasonal Gamer C pops on the scene. He rolls in when he wants after taking hiatuses from the streets and bars while hammering out business goals or other pursuits. He snipers, hits it proper, and enjoys connections with beautiful women somewhat at will. He does have days, especially early where he has to work off a bit of rust and fine tune….but he’s back in and enjoying the game and the fruits of it.

What makes Gamer C so much different? He worked out a lot of his sticking points or blind spots, understands and instilled the fundamentals, and takes action while enjoying human interaction with a healthy mindset.

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